Helpful Tips for Buying a Car on a Budget

Big purchases, like a car, need proper planning and budgeting. When you plan to buy a car on a budget, you need to be aware of some inside tips that will help you make an informed purchase while also saving money. Here are some helpful tips for buying your next car on a budget...

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Where Can I Find My Honda Warranty Information?

One of the main reasons why people purchase a new vehicle is because of the warranty. However, warranties are not strictly limited to new cars. Used cars also come with warranties to help buyers cover repair expenses and save money. Honda is one of the popular automobile brands that offer different types of warranties to enhance their customers’ driving experience and increase their peace of mind...

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COVID-19 Car Buying Precautions

The rise of coronavirus (COVID-19) across the world has required all of us to make changes in the ways we go about our daily lives, including our team here at Midlands Honda. The health and safety of our guests and team members has always been and will continue to be our top priority...

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Why You Should Rotate Your Tires

Tire rotation includes moving tires from one position to another, on a vehicle. Fundamentally, the front tires will shift to the rear, and the rear ones will move to the front. Also, depending on the drive terrain, they may switch sides...

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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Oil changes are crucial to keep the car’s engine in good shape. It is a basic maintenance task that needs to be done on time every time. If you ignore oil changes and do not use a proper product, your actions might void the car warranty. To make sure your engine stays in optimal condition, we shared information on how often you should change your oil...

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How to Change a Flat Tire

Flat-tire situations are an inevitable part of every motorist’s life. People who don’t know how to change a flat tire often find themselves helpless in such situations. You can change things by learning how to change a flat tire. To make things easy for you, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to change a flat tire...

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