Fun Getaways in Columbia, SC

The city of Columbia is home to the famous University of South Carolina, considered as a mecca of education in these parts. It has wide avenues to showcase its rich history, and also has several options for relaxation and recreation. The southern charm is certainly one of the reasons to visit this city in South Carolina (SC). Do not miss out on the following places when in Columbia: 

5. Delaney’s Speakeasy- This is a great place to watch live bands play high quality jazz music. It is an excellent place to grab a drink and relax with friends, and even more so if you’ve been having a big day. Happy hours make food and drinks here very affordable for most. The bar area is pretty long and has large and superbly comfortable leather sofas. In terms of alcohol, you can choose from 170 different types of beers!  

4. Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park- This park has a rich history behind it, as it was the site of the very first Columbia waterworks, dubbed as the first electric textile mill in the world. It also has the oldest hydroelectric plant in SC. You can sit on the river bank and leisurely use your fishing line in the water. Exciting music concerts such as Greekfest and Riverfest are also organized in this Park. It is a very safe place to jog, walk or bicycle, with free parking as well. You wouldn’t really know how a few hours would pass by at this green venue.   

3. Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens- This arena was originally built in 1818 as a private residence and in the form of a home to the reputed Hampton family. Once it ceased being a home, it went on to become the Union Army Headquarters during the American Civil War, and was finally made the Governor's Mansion. You will find this home to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Mansion is surrounded by the beautiful Antebellum Gardens, which were designed by the mother-daughter duo of Mary A. Hampton and Caroline H. Preston, who were also former owners.

2. Columbia Food tours- Columbia has a number of diverse and innovative eateries to show off now, which has led to the birth of these food tours. The knowledgeable guides of these tours will take you across five to seven restaurants, each of which showcase a unique aspect about culture, architecture, local cuisine, and history of this city. The tours last for an average of two to three hours, and it will take you roughly ten minutes to walk from one eatery to another.

1. The Oyster Bar Columbia- This a rare and authentic oyster bar with very simple, yet delicious oyster recipes. You have the luxury of choosing a wine or beer to accompany your oyster meal. Their famous house sauce delivers the best possible punch to your taste buds. This is quite a cozy restaurant and pretty busy as well. Oyster shooters taste even better than the regular oysters, and their menu also serves shrimps, scallops, and other interesting dishes.  

Temperatures hover around the 90’s during this part of the year in Columbia. Expect a pleasant mix of sunshine and rainfall during July. And remember, if you are in the market to upgrade your vehicle, please visit us at Midlands Honda to check out our new and used inventory or schedule service if you need any maintenance. 


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