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As Halloween gets closer, it’s the perfect season to watch some marvelous horror films. Included with blood-curdling yells, psychos wearing a shroud, and creepy music, various spine chillers incorporate vehicles that have transformed iconic characters. Let’s go back in time and take a look at some of the more iconic flicks where killer vehicles were prominently featured. 

The Chevy Nova in Death Proof: 

In the Kurt Russel featured 2007 blood and gore film, the essential character is Mike, a former Hollywood stuntman going on a killing spree. In the movie, the car used, according to the murder, is a Death Proof! 


Possibly the most infamous killer vehicle starts from the film Christine, a horror-thriller movie. “Christine,” the Plymouth, plays the lead role in the film. If you know about this story from Stephen King, Christine starts butchering before leaving the line of production. Eventually, a nerdy individual named Arny buys Christine and starts transforming into the cool kid who dates the most popular girl in school. Unfortunately for him, Christine gets covetous, and that is where the madness in this film starts. 

 1979 Lincoln Territory Engraving III Lincoln (The Car): 

Undeniably, The Car is a cult classic horror film. It incorporates a Lincoln organized by renowned Hollywood designer George Barris. 

Four vehicles were involved in the movie, with three used for "stunt work" (aka..butchering random characters). Despite the film being pummeled by critics, with such a hauntingly cool legend vehicle, it deserves a watch this Halloween. 

1977 Volvo 245 DL (Beetlejuice): 

Like all Tim Burton films, Beetlejuice finds some kind of balance among frightfulness and spoof, all with silly visual turns. One of those is the Volvo station truck the Maitlands slam into a stream. 

Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters, 1984: 

The Ecto-1 has become a notorious vehicle and would be a great accent to any Ghostbusters Halloween outfit. The car is highlighted all throughout the franchise as the Ghostbusters' fundamental method of transport. The Ecto-1 even comes as a lego – it's that celebrated! 

1958 Cadillac Plan 62 (A Nightmare on Elm Street): 

What is it with Cadillacs and Halloween? This one is much more insidious than the Ghostbusters' vehicle. The Plan 62 came with a custom Freddy Krueger paint job, and if you saw it, you’d think twice about falling asleep.

To Conclude: 

These are a couple of the spookiest vehicles featured in Hollywood horror movies. Now that you’re done reading, we invite you to check out our frighteningly-good deals on new and used vehicles or schedule your service today so your car doesn’t get scarily unreliable on you when you need it the most. Happy Halloween! 


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