The finance and insurance department in Midlands Honda has tons of options to make sure you protect your investment. You can save big down the road or guarantee your car stays looking incredible by choosing one of the coverages below. Visit Midlands Honda today, serving Columbia, SC, as well as the Lexington, Sumter, and Orangeburg, SC areas.

Key Replacement Coverage

Lose or damage your keys? Key replacement coverage provides up to $800 dollars worth of coverage a year. Plus, if your car needs towed to the dealership, don’t worry. That will be covered as well!

GAP Insurance

Accidents can happen at any moment, so how can you prevent from having to pay more than the vehicle actually costs? GAP insurance saves you money by (guaranteed asset protection) paying the difference between what you owe the bank and what the insurance company gives you if your vehicle is totaled.

Vehicle Service Contract

If you plan on keeping your vehicle for years, a vehicle service contract ensures you’re not responsible for potential out of pocket service expenses down the road. Similar to a fixed rate mortgage, you’ll know exactly what to pay for any unexpected repair costs.

PrePaid Maintenence

Prepaid Maintenance gives you a guaranteed cost of ownership by ensuring what you pay today, you’ll pay tomorrow and for years down the road. It lets you be immune to inflationary costs of parts and labor.

Platinum Protection

Platinum Protection offers 3 coverages in one; tire and wheel repair and replacement, ding and dent removal, and key replacement. Run into a shopping cart? You’re covered. Ride against a curb? You’re covered. Platinum Protection keeps your vehicle looking brand new, no matter what.


Did you know that 80% of wax is removed after just one wash? With Permaplate, we guarantee your paint looks as sharp as it did the first day you drove off the lot. This also applies to faded, yellow headlights and wheels covered in brake dust. Permaplate will replace rims, headlights, or paint, if needed, keeping your exterior totally covered.


One spill can ruin your seats just like that. Fiberguard guarantees your interior stays looking beautiful by sealing each individual fiber in your interior. In the event of a stain or spill, we come to you to clean or replace the fabric, leather, or paint, and you’ll be given a rental car while we repair your car.

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