St. Patrick’s Day: Find Some Lovely Desserts

St. Patrick's Day: Find Some Lovely Desserts

Do you like to feel the real festive spirit on St. Patrick's Day? Some of us prefer spicy dishes on every occasion. However, when you love sweet treats, it is better to try out Irish desserts on St. Patrick's Day. With the Irish cream, chocolaty, and colorful touches, these Irish desserts can be mouth-watering options for you.

Shamrock Cupcake:

As it is a St. Patrick’s Day cake, the most important ingredients are green sanding sugars (light and dark), yellow nonpareils, pretzels, and green-colored sour-candy straps. Make the cupcake batter to pour it into heart-shaped cake molds.

Dip your mini cupcakes in some green sugar and add 1 teaspoon buttercream. You may also dip your cakes in yellow nonpareils. The multi-colored cakes will make your day more memorable.

Green Velvet Cupcakes:

As you love eating green dishes on St. Patrick’s Day, you can try out this recipe. The fluffy cupcake with some cream cheese can be the best dessert on this special day.

The most important items needed for preparing these cupcakes are a high-power blender, muffin tin, and measuring cups. Ingredients essential for the cupcake are corn starch, salt, flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, sour cream, eggs, cocoa powder. You can add vanilla and food coloring to the cake.

Preheat your oven, take your muffin tins, and add the blend of different ingredients. Use your electric blender to beat sugar and butter and add eggs to it. At this step, you may add the vanilla flavor and pour the batter into your cupcake liners.

Thus, with a few steps, you can prepare your lovely green cupcakes.

Shamrock Pretzels:

It is one of the simplest recipes favorite to kids. You need green candy coating and pretzels for this recipe. Arrange those pretzels into shamrock shapes and serve your kids.

Take a microwave-safe bowl to heat the green candy coating and stir it properly. Make sure that the coating has become smooth and melted.

Cover baking sheets with parchment paper. Use a fork to dip your pretzel in the smooth coating. Repeat this process for every pretzel. You can make 24 shamrock shapes with the coated pretzels on a tray. Refrigerate this tray for 15 minutes.

You can store those pretzels in some airtight containers. They will remain fresh for 2 weeks.

Bailey’s Brownies:

These are fudge brownies with a touch of Irish cream. Although there are store-bought brownies, this brownie’s recipe is unique. You can use Baileys-laced chocolate as toppings of your brownies. While having a bite, you will feel the creamy chewiness. Host a party on St. Patrick’s Day and choose this dessert as one of the items on your menu.

Take a preheated oven and prepare your brownie batter to pour it into a pan. Use another bowl to blend chocolate chips, milk, salt, vanilla, and cream. Place your bowl over the hot water pot to make it a double boiler. Pour the blend of ingredients and refrigerate it.


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