8 Unique Valentine Day Date Ideas

8 Unique Valentine Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and is the ideal time to celebrate love. Every year couples around the world spend money on lavish gifts for surprising their partners, but how about this year you go for something rather unique and memorable at the same time! Here are eight unique Valentine's Day date ideas that will surely make the day of your loved ones.

  1. Take Virtual Mixology Class:

Every time during the February 14 celebrations, couples go out for drinks. Try signing up for virtual cocktail classes that will surely give a boozy twist to Valentine's Day. Start by doing quick research on which class you can join, and you can have fun by mixing and creating cocktails at home!

  1. Have Fun on The Skating Rim:

Okay, this sounds a bit cheesy, but skating is probably the most fun idea to spend time with your partner. Whether it is ice skating, rollerblading, or roller skating, go out and have a great time with your partner.

  1. Weekend Getaway in The Mountains:

This idea is the best for all those looking for a change in scenery and escaping from their busy lives. On this Valentine's Day, head out to a quiet yet scenic escapade to the mountains! Once there, you can try out plenty of activities like skiing/snowboarding or have a snowball fight. If nothing else, you can cuddle up with each other and chat for hours, which will also create awesome memories together.

  1. Visit an Amusement Park:

Try and incorporate a slight hint of fun into your Valentine's activity by visiting an amusement park this year. Enjoy the thrill rides together or have fun munching all the cotton candy. Even if the weather isn't the best, you can still try some of the indoor activities to make your day full of fun.

  1. Glamping:

Who wants to camp around when you can Glamp? Yes, get ready to cozy up in the lap of nature inside a tent. Pick up a place with beautiful scenery and get ready to bid adieu to the day in a more natural way!

  1. Dance Night:

Get ready to dance away this Valentine’s Day at a Salsa club or similar venue with your favorite music playing in the background; the best way to spend with your person.

  1. Bust the Bucket List:

Do you have a bucket list of all the things you want to do? This Valentine’s Day do one or more! Make sure that you start early, and we are sure you will get to know each other better.

  1. Cook a Fancy Brunch:

Why spend all your money on a fancy brunch outside when you can make it at home? Set out a table for two at your apartment/house and enjoy meals together.


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