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Congratulations on your achievement.

At Midlands Honda we understand making good decisions now is more important then ever as you enter into your new career. We want to reward your hard work with a great vehicle, financing approval, and a great rate.

Graduate Honda Pricing.

Our special prices will reward your hard work, and ensure you are getting the very best price to start your career off with excellent Honda quality. Simply pick out your the Honda model you like, and fill out the "Make Inquiry" form, and with in minutes we will provide the Graduate Program price.

Graduate Honda Financing.
Getting a great price is easy, but getting special financing under our Graduate Approval Program is even easier. Right now through July 8th we have incredible rates just for our Graduate program.

Qualifying is easy! Simply meet the following requirements and you will be on your way to experiencing Honda automotive ownership. With the Midlands Graduate Program, you will get Special Pricing, Great Rate, and Graduate Program Approval.

Eligible Customers:
- Graduates with a master's, bachelor's, or associate's degree from a U.S. accredited college
- Graduate from a registered nursing school
- Eligibility period covers 4 months prior to graduation and up to 2 years after graduation

Credit Requirements:
- No adverse credit history
- Verifiable proof of employment with a start date of 120 days from the date of the finance contract
- Monthly income is sufficient to cover current obligations, living expenses, and the vehicle payment (payment is less
than or equal to 20% of gross monthly income)
- Minimum down payment of 5% is required

Documentation Requirements:
- Proof of employment and income as defined in Credit Requirements
- Copy of Social Security Card
- Copy of diploma or copy of college transcripts with proof of graduation eligibility
- All other standard documents required by AHFC

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