An Explanation of Oversteer and Understeer

At Midlands Honda, we like to help our consumers understand how their vehicles function, which can help them identify minor problems before they become serious. Oversteer and understeer are two terms that refer to your vehicle's dynamics, but what do they mean? Let's find out below.

Oversteer usually happens with vehicles that are equipped with rear-wheel drive. On the other hand, understeer typically occurs with vehicles that have front-wheel drive. Under the right circumstances, both drive systems can experience oversteer and understeer.

The most common reason understeer happens is because you accelerate too early during a turn, and it can also happen if you turn the wheels too quickly. Rear-wheel drive vehicles experience oversteer because the back of the vehicle has the control power. As a result, when the back loses its grip, it will overpower the front of the car and cause oversteer. Understeer can be corrected by applying more suspension, and oversteer can be corrected by loosening the suspension.



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