Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

While most cars and trucks come with all-season tires, having a set of winter tires to put on during the winter months could increase the performance of your vehicle. At Midlands Honda, we're happy to explain the differences between all-season and winter tires, and we'll help you decide which you need for driving in Columbia, SC.

All-weather tires are designed to last a long time and perform well in many different conditions, including light wintery ones. Winter tires are made from a softer rubber that can grip the road more effectively. This rubber also wears down faster when driving on hot and dry pavement. To further improve traction, winter tires have a tread pattern with more biting edges. The tread is also deeper than that of all-weather tires.

We'll make it easy to swap your tires between seasons so that you can have optimal driving performance both in the summer and winter.



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