Types of Winter Tires

There are generally three different types of winter vehicles. The first is studdable winter tires. These are designed to be able to accept optional metal studs that improve your traction on icy roads. They work well, but they can also do a lot of damage to asphalt roads. This is why many states only allow them to be used during the winter if they aren't outlawed altogether.

The next kind of winter tire is the studless winter tire. Studless winter tires work much like studded tires in that they can improve traction on snowy or icy roads, but they lack the studs that can do so much damage to roads. They may not offer as much traction as studded tires, but they still work incredibly well on snowy roads.

The third type of winter tire that you can find is the performance tire. Performance tires do improve your traction, but not to the degree that the other two tires will. They are great for mild winters and when you want to drive faster on open highways without losing too much traction.

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