Tailgating Essentials for the Upcoming Football Season

In order to keep the tailgating party going, you need to follow a few tips first.

Since the truck is going to be the central point of the party, chances are good you will be playing music, hooked up so others can watch the television, or using all the charging stations. That excess load will really hurt the battery, and could leave you stranded at night when everyone has left. Keep a good pair of jumper cables in the bed so you can ask for help if the battery gets weak.

Place a big metal pail in your bed for tailgating events. This pail is going to be used to carry those burning hot coals after the cooking is over. Rather than waiting for the coals to cool, dump them in a pail and load up the gear.

Keep your truck in top shape for tailgating season by bringing it to Midlands Honda for maintenance appointments.



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