Don't Tread on Worn Out Tires

Tires are sort of like the feet of a vehicle, but unlike like human feet, tires don't last a lifetime. Every time you drive, car tires wear down a little. Over time, they get worn out, and that's dangerous. Stay safe by knowing how to detect bad tires.

Tire manufacturers make detecting bad tires easier with "wear bars" inside the wheels. When tread goes too low, wear bars display a cross-bar pattern. Even without that feature, it's easy to recognize bad tires. Just put a penny inside the groove, making sure Lincoln's head is upside down. Part of his head concealed inside the groove is great, but if you can see the very top of Lincoln's head, it's time for new wheels.

Midlands Honda is conveniently located in Columbia, and we can help you replace those old worn tires with new ones.



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