How to Easily Jump Start Another Car

In order to easily jump-start your vehicle by way of another car, you'll need to know the correct procedure for connecting those jumper cables. Be sure you bring the two cars close enough so that the cables can easily reach both of the battery compartments. Turn the engine off, put both vehicles in park, and then open the car hoods.

Look for a plus or minus sign on the battery terminals so you know which is which. Usually, the positive terminal is slightly wider. You'll be placing the red, or positive side cable, to the positive side of the dead battery. The other red cable is going to the positive end of the good battery. Next, the black cable goes negative on the working battery, then attach to bare metal on the disabled car.

At the first sign of trouble with the car battery, visit the Midlands Honda auto service center in Columbia, SC so we can test or replace it for you.

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