How Do Infotainment Systems Work?

Are you a fan of listening to music in your car? Who isn’t? However, did you know that you can access every single app on your phone through integrations like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with the latest infotainment systems? Carmakers are advancing the software and technology inside of vehicles so that drivers can do just about everything with voice-enabled, hands-free controls. This is an exciting new feature that has just picked up since 2015, as automakers were required to include rearview cameras in their newest models. Now you can access everything from the screen in the center console, including rearview cameras, blind spot monitoring, music, GPS navigation, and so much more.

An infotainment system allows drivers to access all types of settings, alerts, menus, and diagnostics for a vehicle, as well as all of the entertaining items such as satellite radio, Spotify, and other apps through their smartphones. You can easily plug your smartphone into an infotainment system through Bluetooth or USB.

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