How to Do a Roadtrip on the Cheap

Road trips can be both fun and educational adventures for the family or for couples seeking a getaway. They can also, unfortunately, do a number on your wallet if the proper care is not taken to plan and prepare. Taking affordable and fun road trips can be easily accomplished by considering a few key factors ahead of time.

First, choose your destination carefully. Unless there is a key event or visit that needs to be made, your final destination should be as flexible as possible. Many times when a particular city is the destination, travelers can save hundreds on hotels and dining by finding nearby towns or suburbs with less traffic and lower rates.

Second, choose your dates of travel carefully. Gas prices, hotel rates, and even restaurant prices can shift seasonally in many well known destination cities. Be sure to schedule around festivals and fairs to prevent paying exceptional rates for pretty much everything. Also, limit the duration of your stay to fit your budget. Shaving off nights in a hotel and days' worth of food can have a huge impact on your road trip budget.



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