Things to Consider When Buying an All or 4-Wheel Drive Car

Knowing the performance similarities and differences of AWD and 4WD will make it easy to decide when you are out shopping for a new ride. Midlands Honda gives a few important factors that you should consider before buying your new vehicle.

  • All wheel drives distribute torque to all four wheels equally making it easy for an AWD to negotiate corners without difficulties.
  • Four-wheel drives are better suited for off-roading.
  • Four wheel drives offer greater control of your vehicle’s driving characteristics as you can manually change driving modes. If you engage the 4WD mode, you save on fuel consumption.
  • All wheel drives are common in vehicles such as Crossovers and Sedans. With an AWD, you do not need to change modes manually; the car will sense and take necessary action.

If you want to hit the streets of Columbia with maximum performance, visit Midlands Honda for more detailed benefits and differences between AWD and 4WD.

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