How do Extreme Weather Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

Unless you live in a climate that stays a steady 78 degrees, you most likely have a very good idea about how extreme temperature can affect your car’s battery. Many people tend to think that it’s only the cold weather that has an impact on battery life. Temperatures that reach above 90 degrees also contribute to extra wear.

The cold causes engine oil to thicken, and as a result, it takes more energy for the battery to start and warm the car. Shorter days also require more usage of electrical items, such as the heat, lights, and wipers. That draws on the alternator, which keeps the system charged while running. Very hot conditions affect the battery’s electrolytes. When temperatures continually stay above 90 degrees, the battery fluid may evaporate.

One of the best solutions to keeping your battery in top-running performance is to include it in a regular service program. Autumn and spring are good times to make sure that it’s operating as it should. When you’re in Columbia, don’t hesitate to stop in to Midlands Honda and talk to one of our team members.

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