Cabin & Engine Air Filters

Cabin and engine air filters help make your ride safer, more efficient and more comfortable. Though they do much the same thing by removing things from the air, each has different impacts.

Cabin air filters remove particles like allergens from the air before it enters the passenger compartment. Mold spores, pollen, dust and other particles are removed to give you a fresher, more comfortable ride. Engine filters protect your vehicle's motor from debris. It ensures that clean air is moving through the system, helping keep your engine cool and clean.

At times, each of these filters will need cleaning or even replacement. Typically, they are made of paper or foam. The engine filter is the most critical. If it's not functioning, your engine may not be receiving enough air to work optimally. It needs to be serviced by a technician. Stop by Midlands Honda if you notice symptoms like reduced acceleration.

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