How to Prepare for Holiday Season Travel

Our team at Midlands Honda wants your family to have a safe trip while on the road. There are many ways to travel for the holidays, but a car trip is a real bonding experience when planned. Driving to a holiday destination may seem routine, especially if you take the same trip each year. Nevertheless, every trip is a new adventure, but it's important to be fully prepared!

Before you get on the road, make a few preparations:

  • Jumper cables or Auto battery charger
  • Flashlight (spare batteries)
  • Road flares
  • Tire sealant
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Medical kit
  • Tow strap

Use an extra precaution by taking your car to our service team for inspection. If a breakdown happens, be prepared by investing in roadside assistance. Nevertheless, prevention works better. Cars like anything else are unpredictable. Therefore, anything you do to make the trip go smoother is worth the effort.

Stop in for more holiday travel tips in Columbia, SC with a visit to our showroom today!

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