Tire Rotations Keep Your Car Moving Smoothly

Tire rotations are often overlooked by car owners. Many car owners don’t feel that this is one of the most important repairs on a vehicle. What they don’t think about is that the tires are used the most by your car. The car’s wheels are as important to your vehicle as the motor. If the tires are wearing out and quicker than they should, there is something wrong that will need to be repaired to keep the tires from wearing out quicker.

The tire rotations are supposed to be done in a pattern. The tires should be rotated from back to front and from left to right. If you have a larger vehicle, the pattern could be slightly different, or if you have tires that are higher performance tires, the rotations could be done differently.

For vehicles that have directional tires, the tires will have to remain on the same side and can only be moved from the back to the front and vice versa. You should also rotate your tires twice per year. Once in the early spring and once in late fall. This will guarantee that your tires will be ready for harsh weather during winter.
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