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"When a new car is unveiled to the public, the thousands of decisions that went into its conception often get lost in the hullabaloo -- along with the identities of the people who made them," this according to CNN Money, which took a closer look at the recreation of Honda's Odyssey.

Mid-September was when the 2011 Honda Odyssey was revealed to the press. The updated minivan has already generated hundreds of comments and dozens of blog posts - this even before it goes on sale at the end of September 2010.

"Quantity time" was more important than "quality time" to the new generation of car buyers in America, and Honda's designers took this into account. Honda created a vehicle that people would want to "spend a lot of time in." That meant creating a package that would appeal to a driver's emotions, needs, and contain many features.

lower and wider stance is how the new Odyssey is designed, giving off what some have described as a "lightning bolt" belt-line on the exterior sheet metal. This feature provides a bit more visibility for passengers.

Designers loaded Odyssey with features like a flip-up trash bag ring, cool box for drinks, storage compartments for various items and no fewer than 15 holders for cups and bottles.

Odyssey also comes with various electronics options, such as: disc drive-based audio system that holds 175 CDs, a blind spot detection device, and the piece de resistance: a 16.2-inch display screen for rear seat passengers that can simultaneously show two different sources of programming, like a video game and a movie, side-by-side.

Packaging all of these options where it will make sense to customers is where the seven separate trim levels come into play - starting from LX at $28,580, to the $44,030 Touring Elite - and "then had to figure out what percentage of overall sales each one will get so the right number of parts could be ordered."

How well can the Odyssey perform in a world where every major auto maker has their own minivan? Only time, and sales, will tell.

Schedule a test drive of the all new Honda Odyssey today at Midlands Honda - 124 Killian Commons Parkway Columbia, SC 29203.
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