Pet friendly Columbia, SC

Pet friendly Columbia, SC

Columbia, the capital of South Carolina, has many pet-friendly locations, including shopping malls, parks, restaurants, hotels, and outdoor venues. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to this beautiful city, knowing the places that allow pets is a must. there, get ready. We've listed the city's pet-friendly attractions. So, without wasting time, let's get started.

Where to eat?

smallSUGAR in Colombia, SC

  • smallSUGAR:

Colombia is full of restrictions, pubs, patios, and cafes. Let's start with breakfast and brunch. If you want to bring your cute pet to breakfast, visit smallSUGAR. Order a plate of roasted sweet potato or avocado tartine and start the day.

Home Team BBQ in Colombia, SC

  • Home Team BBQ:

For barbeque lovers we have a fantastic pet-friendly BBQ area called Home Team BBQ. Enjoy grilled chicken, pork, ham, lamb, ribs, and other juicy and tasty dishes with your pets.

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in Colombia, SC

  • Sweetwaters Coffee& Tea:

It's dessert time! Visit Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea for heavenly desserts like chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls, coffee, etc.

Where to shop?

Mast General Store in Colombia, SC

  • Mast Shopping Store:

If you want to go shopping with your cute little friend, head to Mast Shopping Store, one of the most popular shopping spots for visitors to Colombia. This store is full of pet games, clothes, food, and of course, colorful goodies.

Soda City Market in Colombia, SC

  • Soda City Market:

Another great option for any pet owner. In this market, we can buy handmade products, locally grown foods, handmade crafts and gifts from more than a hundred vendors.

Cottle Strawberry Farm

  • Cottle Strawberry Farm:

Check out Cottle Strawberry Farm with your furry friend and enjoy harvesting strawberries yourself.

Where to play?

Congaree National Park in Colombia, SC

  • Congaree National Park:

When it comes to outdoor activities and parks, Columbia, SC will never disappoint. You can take your pet to Congaree National Park, a 26,000 acre path full of greenery, so get some fresh air and play to your heart's content.

Riverfront Park in Colombia, SC

  • Riverfront Park:

Another park in the city of Columbia is Riverfront Park, which offers a lush green setting with a large river. You can spend your time fishing and playing with your pet in this park.

Where to stay?

Are you thinking of spending a night at a hotel with your pet in Columbia? Don’t worry! Columbia is full of pet-friendly hotels.

Graduate Colombia in Colombia, SC

  • Graduate Columbia:

You can stay at Graduate Columbia, a pet-friendly hotel with colorful rooms. All the decor and colors of this hotel were chosen on a gamecock inspired whim. Overall, it's a perfect place for all pets.

Aloft Colombia Downtown

  • Aloft Columbia Downtown:

Next, we have got Aloft Columbia Downtown. Located in Downtown Columbia, this hotel is surrounded by famous restaurants, public spots, famous places, etc. When it comes to the hotel itself, it is an ideal place for all kinds of pets. So, without thinking more make sure to book a room in this hotel with your pup or cat.

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Do I Need an Alignment?

Do I Need an Alignment?

When you are buying a tire, there are a lot of things that you consider. One of the important caveats to consider is the alignment in new tires. Do you need an alignment? How does it benefit? In this blog, we are answering all these questions for you.

Tire Alignment - An Overview:

Alignment denotes an adjustment in the suspension of the vehicle. The suspension is what connects the vehicle to the tires. The idea behind adjustment is to angle the tire in a way that it makes proper and aligned contact with the road.

The Need for Alignment in New Tires

It is not mandatory to have wheel alignment in your new tires, but there are benefits of doing the same. An alignment works to make sure that all four tires on your vehicle are angled correctly with one another and the road.

Without an alignment in your new tires, you are likely to experience unsteady ride and uneven wear on the tires. And your tires may experience wear and tear prior to the normal time, thereby shortening the lifespan.

This can result in you having to change tires more frequently. While there are many affordable options to buy tires, nobody wants to spend money constantly changing tires and a wheel alignment can help you to achieve more miles out of the new tire set.

How Often Do I Need to Change the Alignment?

Typically, it is recommended to change your tire’s alignment once a year. However, clear instructions regarding this are mentioned in the owner’s manual and, your driving condition also determines the time frame at which you need to change alignment.

For instance, if you drive in extreme weather conditions or the road situation in your region is not adequate, then you may have to change the alignment more frequently. Following are some of the signs that indicate that it is time for the change.

  • Your vehicle is making a flopping sound while driving. This sound indicates alignment issues, underinflated tires, or both.
  • You hit a sudden pothole that jarred your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle is veering from side to side.

The Prominence of Wheel Alignment

Having the tires aligned and getting it checked on a regular basis can help you save a significant amount of money. As we mentioned above, inadequately aligned tires can experience faster wear and tear; therefore, they are needed to be replaced more often.

But that is not it; misaligned tires can also drop the gas mileage up to 10%. Therefore, getting wheel alignment can help in saving fuel, thereby reducing the cost of filling up the tank more often.

Do All Four Tires Need to Be Aligned Together?

Most vehicles, including cars, vans, small SUVs, etc. need a four-tire alignment. Some vehicles featuring real solid axles can work fine with having just their front wheels aligned.

But, if all four wheels of your tires can be aligned, then always choose that. Look out for the above-mentioned signs, and if your vehicle experiences any of the signs, get it checked by a licensed technician.

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Is it Necessary to Rotate my Tires Regularly?

While ensuring your vehicle's health, you need to focus on many things, starting with the tires. Yes, tires are the most crucial part of your car that keeps it moving. Tire health plays a major role in adding up to the performance of your car. There are plenty of things you can do to maintain the quality of your tire. Tire rotation is among the most imperative functions to ensure your car's performance. It is an essential part of maintaining tore quality, and every car owner must follow that. 

In this article, you will get to learn why tire rotation is important for your vehicle. 

What is Tire Rotation?

It is the practice of changing your tire's position to maintain the balance and handling of the vehicle. It is highly essential to consider tire rotation as an essential function to improve your tire health in the long run. Tire rotation makes sure that the uneven tread depth doesn't affect your performance. 

Why do you Need to Think about Tire Rotation Regularly?

It is one of the common practices that manufacturers follow to keep the validity of the tire. Tire rotation helps in keeping the quality of tire consistent across all the tires. 

It will ensure that there is balance in the handling experience. It is important to understand that both front and rear tires work differently on the road, so you need to choose the ideal tire rotation pattern for both. Instead of spending money on changing the tires regularly, it is always beneficial to rotate them at regular intervals. 

What are the Signs That Shows you Need Tire Rotation?

Your tires will give out some signals for the tire rotation that you need to address at the right time. Following are some of the signs you cannot ignore-:

  • When your steering wheel starts vibrating, you need to check up the tires immediately. 
  • Make sure that all the tires are inflated properly to ensure whether they are balanced
  • Check the tread spots on all the tires to ensure everything is under balance. 

A general thumb rule is to get the tires rotated every 3000-8000 miles. Just set a reminder to rotate the tires when you go for an oil change. There are different tire rotation patterns for each vehicle and tire condition. So, make sure you understand that condition before opting for it. 

You can consult your mechanic to know better about the tire rotation condition. It is always beneficial to check up the owner's manual to learn a suitable tire rotation pattern for your vehicle. This way, you can know what is best for your vehicle and its wheels. 

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Helpful Tips on how to Drive Safe for the Holidays

It’s the season for loved ones to meet up and appreciate time with each other. This might mean traveling via car, alongside numerous other people who will take off on the highways and roads. Too much traffic on the roads implies a more prominent possibility of an accident. 

The following are a few security tips to be safe on the road:

Show restraint: 

Continuously have caution in traffic. It assists with leaving ahead of schedule for your objective, so you don't feel hurried. When you rush on the road, it increases the opportunity of an accident and places others in peril. Be patient and appreciate the ride. Try not to make the experience of the road trip more distressing than needed. 

Get a decent night's rest: 

Don’t go on a road trip while you feel sluggish. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 70,000 accidents across the country are brought about by tired drivers. 

If you are traveling at night, think about traveling shorter distances and afterward stopping for a rest. Try not to drive if you're experiencing difficulty zeroing in on the road. If that is the situation, stop somewhere. Sufficiently bright supermarkets, malls, and even clubs frequently have lit and checked parking areas where nobody will be troubling you. 

Check the weather and roads:

Before leaving for your road trip, take a glance at the road and weather conditions to decide whether you may experience any hazardous weather. If you don't feel good driving in specific weather conditions, just delay your trip until its clear enough to drive safely. 

Watch your environmental factors: 

Accidents can occur on private roads, provincial roads, and significant interstates regardless of the time of day, consider everything around you while driving. If you are on a bustling interstate, focus on different cars and anything on the road. At the point when a course takes you down a lush region, watch for creatures that could shoot before your car. Watch out for youngsters riding bicycles or playing on the road neighborhoods. 

Sort out Your Car out: 

If you drive at over 50 mph, and if you take your eyes off the road for about 4 to 5 seconds, it might lead to drive an entire football field without turning upward. Arrange your car to guarantee what you will need is reachable and what you don't require is far out. 

Keep essential things well within reach of the driver’s seat. Keep the toll cards, carport passes, and extra change in middle console. Abstain from bowing down or going into your handbag to get things while you're on the road.  Safely keep your luggage in the trunk. If you hear something fall, don't try to get it while you drive. Those things can wait. Only pull over if you must guarantee something didn't break or spill.

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Winter is here Follow These Tips to Winterize your Car

If your car is a pre-1980 model, car winterizing was a fundamental and frequently lengthy custom to keep your car running fit as a fiddle during the cold weather months. Luckily, current cars don't need similar broad winterization schedules. Auto innovation permits cars to run even in the coldest weather without their owners needing to do something exceptional. 

However, there are a few things that can be done to guarantee that your vehicle is running well this winter. A significant number of things here you can do all alone; however, some of them should be handled by an expert repairman.

Battery checking: Let a technician do a battery load test to check whether you have to replace the battery. If you aren’t, he'll check and tidy up any corrosion he finds on your connections and posts. The technician may also fill your battery with purified water if required. 

Changing the blades of your wiper and top off your wiper liquid: You need a clear vision of the road to drive securely; however, the accumulation of snow, ice, and salt on your windshield can enormously lessen your view. Running windshield wipers and a strong flowing of wiper liquid will guarantee sight even in very nasty snowy weather. The blades of the wiper are useful for a year only. Replace yours if they are worn or look frayed. Fill in your wiper liquid repository with a brand that has a lower frost temperature. 

Snow tires are a good option: If you live in a region secured with snow for the vast majority of the winter, you should exchange your customary all-season tires out for snow tires. These tires are made of gentler elastic than all-season tires, allowing them to hold and adapt in very cold weather. Snow tires have track designs intended to grasp into snow and ice. Try not to misunderstand the concept regarding snow tires, they won't eliminate the chance of you slipping and sliding in your car; however, they do give more foothold than the customary assortment. 

Tire Pressure should be checked: An appropriately air-filled tire guarantees the ideal contact between the street and the tires, which is fundamental for safe footing when driving in stormy conditions.

Load your car with crisis supplies: No one can tell when they’ll have to abandon their vehicle out in a snowstorm. Be set up by having your car stuffed with crisis supplies. 

Replace the oil and modify the thickness: Your engine needs appropriate grease from oil to run. Sadly, cold weather lessens the oil's adequacy. To forestall this cold weather migraine, replace your oil to a slenderer one. To discover the best possible viscosity (that is, the thickness or slimness of fluid) of oil you need in the winter, check the owner's manual for your car. They have data on appropriate thickness levels for different atmospheres. 

Have your belts and hoses checked: Cold weather can debilitate the belts and hoses that help in running your engine. Check them for any indications of wearing and have them replaced if required. If a belt cracks during your drive, you'll require waiting for a tow truck to come to pick you up.

The other essential checks, such as checking your four-wheel drive, anti-freeze mixture, etc., are approaches that ensure you can well-maintain your car even during winter.  

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